Its already june now . Time is running so fast Β and its gonna be 2 months since the start of school. Since this week is the Common Test week all CCA are cancelled Yay! More free time to finish my assignment and projects. Tomorrow going to be my interview for FMSC! So excited and nervous at the same time ! Im still wondering what to wear, hmmm something casual like a shirt and leggings (in case they want me to dance) or a simple dress . Anyways , i just cant wait for 7 June which then i will be able to see many of my friends performing and some friends which i have not seen for a very long time will be there. There will also be a band called LUNAFLY coming! Their song are awesome and so fabulous! xD HahahaΒ 

This is my 5th post already like finally! Omgosh I Have finish my 5 blogpost of my assignment like finally! I Know its all crap but at least i did it yohoooo! πŸ˜€ See you soon after term break ? I Hope Hahaha! Byee

4 June 2014


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Hello! Since I’m bored I WIll promote myself. Please follow me on twitter : @kwonnishit

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Well im full of nonsense and Jyeah haha follow me thanks.

Gonna be doing a review here as well ….

– Korean Idols-

Hi , As everyone know i am like a crazy kpop fan! haha I Know many out there doesn’t like korean pop but it doesn’t matter as long as IΒ  love it and at least i have just 1 friends to Craze along to. From the year 2010 onwards loads and loads of korean group just debut and this actually make alot of groups underrated due to the mass amount of groups overtime. Some of the underrated group would actually be like “LEDapple”, “HISTORY”, “MIB”, “F(x)” and lot more they have great talents but not everyone actually even know even though they might have heard of their names. Me too might not know alot of groups that are hidden underneath and will actually love it if u comment to me of some more underrated groups here.

As everyone knows there are like 3 major big companies in the kpop industries which is JYP, YG and SM. Every companies have their own special unique style like JYP has loads of awesome dancers be it foreign or Locals (E.G Thailand, Nickhun from 2pm) YG has awesome music and fashion sense πŸ™‚ SM has loads and loads of super good looking face which i do not know where the hell they got it from. haha

From all these 3 companies it is obvious which company has like to least likes, not the korean idols they produce but rather the company itself which is SM. They would like Underpay their idols which actually has cause lawsuit, like DBSK which cause their broke up into TVXQ and JYJ as well as kris leaving EXO (<<< Damn kris is my bais from exo) T.T But what happen has happened and we couldn’t do anything too .

Anyways korean idols are there it is your own choice whether to spend your money on them or just appreciate them and spend money on yourself. hahaha

-30 May 2014


Omgosh i have to do 5 journal entries and I’m only at my 3rd gotta rush it through this week!

Today gonna be an awesome day i hope? πŸ™‚ Hahaha I Am gonna catchup with friends that I Have not seen for a long time later for a dinner. But the sad moments would be that i have a really close friend call dean that is leaving for australia for 4 years for studies Im gonna be missing him so much :”( He’s a friends which i would hangout with just because we have nothing to do that day! A friend that is Super ON Anytime . Oh and we had these few times where dean,me and another friend will hangout together. Our favourite hangout area would be Scape because it is a place for us to have our session where we just blast korean pop song and just dance to it. Out of us 3 i have a friend call Zifeng a.k.a J.Wind He’s in De.S crew and he dance very well ! I Learnt some korean dance from him like History Tell Me love and BTS One day . Anyways I WIll like miss Dean so damn alot if he’s leaving soon! I Could’nt really express it our real life so i guess i will just express it here then? 😦 Come back often too and bring back some “you know who” with you. Hahahaha πŸ™‚

-30 May 2014


Hello I’m back! And Yeap! After the audition I Actually had gotten into NRA Yootz! πŸ™‚ I just had my first training yesterday and i am so tired! 😦 We had to run like 3 rounds around the thrid floor . I’m dying after the 1st round but i persevere and finish the whole thing. The worst part is that even though that we had finish running 3 rounds its not over we had to run on the spot for like a whole song which we also had to do like alot of Physical Training to built up our body. We learnt down bounce today too hahaha It is tiring overall but it is all worth it πŸ™‚ as i manage to make loads of friends ! πŸ™‚

-22 May 2014-


Hey everyone, Yen Tze aka Yenny here! πŸ™‚

Gonna be posting something every week. It can be anything… be it my life , my hobby or anything that i can think of.

Since this post is my first.. i am going to start off with a introduction my myself .

I am Yen Tze and you can call me yenny if you want . I am born in 3rd July of 1997 so i am still 16 this year. My hair is blonde now but thosse black roots are crawling out and sooner or later my hair’s going to be black again. I Love Korean pop music and English music too. I love all genre of music… from ballad to rock πŸ˜€

I am in Digital visual effects and this is my 1st choice.. don’t ask me why because i have no idea too 😦

I Have to write this post because i was told to do so by one of my module lecture or teacher to post something every week and thats why here i am posting a post….Β 

A Little more about my history is that i played violin and piano when i was young but because i lose interest in it… i quit playing in. And because of this i have no intention of learning any instruments of any sort being scared that i lose interest quickly and quit halfway.

But anyways, i love dance and i would also love to try singing one day even though i am not a superb singer .

Uhmmmmmm , what else to write….. Oh yeah! My favourite food ! CHICKEN especially KFC ones. heheh My fave of my fave! πŸ™‚

OMGOSHHH! I Have NRA (Hip Hop) Audition this saturday and i am so nervous and scared now.. Just going to hope that it will end well and with this i will end my post this week……. Cya again next well i hope? Hahahaha xDDDd

12 openers

– Being in a tight fit jeans, candy went to run in the middle of the night…

– While eating the cake Β barom saw a piece of paper in it , it wrote …

– being stranded in a island , lina saw…

– Ben is in the library studying and the next moment he heard a loud crash …

– Jerry am at home watching tv, on the tv i saw …

– A phone call came, it was from an anonymous number, dean answered it …

-cindy is self studying at class, but the lights suddenly went out

– peanuts is on a vacation trip, however he lost his …

– Cane is writing on wordpress when the internet starts to…

– Pila is dancing in the dance studio and he heard a loud crack…

– Choco is in a singlet when he went to his friend birthday party…

– Cello is laughing but suddenly he cought out blood…

That Shirtless dude

Wearing nothing but a grass skirt, Ren Hao walks towards the restaurant .

The restaurant has a theme sunday once a week which offer discounts and today the dressing code is “grass”

He push the glass door’s handle firmly and walk through it confidently and walk in a sexy manner towards the counter with his grass skirt swaying left and right . But what he did not realise is that a strand of the grass skirt is stuck between the glass door. The Strand of line extend from the door all the way to his skirt and what he did not know is that half of his butt is actually showing.

The counter woman is smiling shyly with her hands covering her mouth, in a soft tone she whispered ” uhm sir , sorry but your butt is showing ”

RenHao look down and his eyes immediately open wide . His mouth open and starts screaming while waving and letting his hands fly everywhere, he ran fast like lighting speed with his head down towards the glass door out of the restaurant immediately.